We are thrilled your dog will be joining the fun here at All Things Dogs! Please fill out the form below and click submit. At the bottom, you may upload a scanned copy of your vaccination records to attach to the enrollment form. If you don’t have a copy, you may bring one with you on your first visit. Please make sure to fill out all required fields.


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1. I understand that All Things Dogs is an open-play environment and because of this there are inherent risks, which even when closely monitored, may result in the following:

a. Transfer of a communicable illness such as, but not limited to, "kennel cough," also known as the Bordatella virus, "puppy warts" also known as the canine papilloma virus, or parasites.

b. Injuries, usually benign, such as broken nails, sore pads, puncture wounds, abrasions and cuts, particularly in shorter coated breeds, etc.

c. Behavioral problems.

2. If health or behavioral problems develop with my dog(s), that these will be treated as deemed best by the staff of All Things Dogs within their sole discretion, and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved.

3. All Things Dogs and staff will not be liable for any health or behavioral problems that develop in my dog(s),and I hereby release them of any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from my dog(s) attendance and participation at All Things Dogs.

4. I am solely responsible for any harm, including to any other dog(s), to the employees or invitees of All Things Dogs or to the equipment, physical plant, or other property of All Things Dogs, caused by my dog(s)while my dog(s) is/are attending All Things Dogs.

5. Photographs or other graphic, sound, or other image, likeness, recording, etc., may be made of my dog(s) by All Things Dogs and that such may be used for any purpose without compensation, and I release to All Things Dogs all rights that I may possess or claim to
such image, likeness, recording, etc.

6. Payment is expected when services are rendered. If any amounts remain due after thirty days, All Things Dogs reserves the right to impose interest at the rate of 1.5% per month until paid. If All Things Dogs pursues collection proceedings, I will pay reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of collection.

7. I have received, read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined in the All Things Dogs document, "Boarding Information," which are made part of this agreement, and I have read and understood all terms of this agreement, including the following:

Hours of Operation/Late Fees:
Please refer to our brochure or website for store hours. We impose a $10.00 late fee for dogs picked-up after regular business hours. If your dog is not picked-up within 30 minutes of closing, we will assume that you are boarding and will impose a $20.00 overnight charge.

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