At All Things Dogs we know your dog’s happiness is about much more than food & water – it’s about love & companionship.

We offer lots of personal attention in a safe, secure and healthy home along with a two-acre play yard for our guests to ensure they get plenty of exercise and fresh air! Our guests have access to doggie doors throughout the day so that they can enter and exit at their leisure.  At night our guests are tucked away in their comfy beds to keep everyone safe and secure for a good night’s sleep.

We have worked hard to create a healthy home environment for the times when parents need to be away from their fur kids. We love what we do and our top priority is your dog’s safety, comfort and overall well being.

Please contact us to find out how you and your family can benefit from our services. We look forward to making your dogs part of the All Things Dogs family so that you can rest easy knowing they’re getting the care & affection they deserve.


I was a barker. Bored and lonely, I barked all day long when mom and dad were at work. After coming to All Things Dogs, I am happier and only bark when the doorbell rings and when other dogs walk by.

I had severe separation anxiety before coming to All Things Dogs. It really stressed me out to be away from my mom, but mostly because I didn’t like to be left alone. Now when she leaves, I don’t bite her ankles.

Before coming to All Things Dogs I had zero dog friends. I had no idea how to act around other dogs so I was afraid most of the time. Now I have lots of doggie BFF’s and we run, play, and take naps together. I love going to All Things Dogs, it has changed my life.

I really enjoyed my stay at All Things Dogs. I’m very affectionate so it was nice that Kim let me give her kisses! I met lots of new friends and got to run and play. I can’t wait for my next visit!

“My dog loved staying with Kim! She has a large fenced in yard, allowed my dog to sleep and relax on furniture, and was really attentive to ensuring my dog ate her food. Kim sent us photos via text while we were gone and was really easy to get a hold of and communicate with. We will definitely book another stay for our dog with Kim. Excellent experience.”

-Kelli K.



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